Places to Travel to With No COVID Restrictions

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[Updated on March 30, 2022]

While the global pandemic isn’t over, many countries are beginning to see a decrease in the number of local COVID cases and have been able to roll out vaccinations to citizens. Countries have been slowly removing travel restrictions that were implemented over the last two years in response to the pandemic. 

You may be ready to start planning your next trip and are wondering what’s required before you go. With  Airheart , you can easily search which countries are open to travel to by your vaccination status.  Pin routes you’re most interested in to get automatic email alerts any time a new restriction is added or removed.

If you’re in need of inspiration for your trip planning, we’re highlighting destinations that all international travelers can go to with no COVID restrictions, regardless of vaccination status. Currently, most of the destinations are in Europe, but this list is sure to grow over time as countries continue to remove restrictions.

Countries with No COVID Restrictions


International travelers can now go to Denmark without presenting proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test result. Denmark's official government website states that it is still possible for private businesses, private cultural institutions, and associations to enforce their own COVID rules. Before planning a trip there, be sure to research any venues that you are looking to visit to see if they have any specific policies listed on their website.

See Local Heath Data for Denmark

United Kingdom

On March 18th, the United Kingdom removed the last of its COVID-related travel restrictions including the Passenger Locator Form which was required for all travelers. Face masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces, but are still recommended in crowded areas.

See Local Health Data for the United Kingdom


On the same day the United Kingdom lifted its COVID restrictions, Gibraltar followed and removed the last of its restrictions. The government has also lifted any mask and social distance rules, except in specific health and medical settings.

See Local Health Data for Gibraltar


In early March, Ireland removed all of its COVID-related travel restrictions. Face masks are still recommended on public transportation, but are not mandatory. 

See Local Health Data for Ireland


International travelers can now travel to Romania without presenting proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result. Some businesses are operating at a limited capacity, but the official tourism agency stated that it expects all restrictions on businesses to lift at the end of March.

See Local Health Data for Romania


While there are no COVID-related travel restrictions when going to Mexico, the government recommends that travelers fill out an online  Multiple Immigration Form/Tourist Card , which replaces the paper form handed out by most airlines. The form will speed up your immigration process on arrival. 

See Local Health Data for Mexico


In late February, all COVID-related travel restrictions were removed when transiting through and traveling to Iceland. In addition, Iceland has stated they are no longer putting restrictions or limitations on public gatherings. 

See Local Health Data for Iceland


Travelers are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination, proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, or a proof of recovery document to travel to Slovenia or when visiting local businesses. Travelers only need to fill out a  Passenger Locator Form before their trip. 

See Local Health Data for Slovenia


Jersey lifted all COVID-related travel restrictions in February. The public health agency in Jersey still recommends mask-wearing in places where social distancing is not easy. 

See Local Health Data for Jersey


The Norwegian government announced in February that they were lifting all COVID restrictions for international travelers. Travelers may be required to wear a mask in certain settings, such as the airport, but the mask and social distancing mandates have been generally lifted.

See Local Health Data for Norway

Before You Go

If you’re traveling to any of these countries and have transit stops in other destinations along the way, we always recommend reviewing the transit guidelines before booking your trips. Some countries still have restrictions such as proof of negative COVID test results or mandatory forms, even if you’re not exiting the airport. It’s also important to review the return trip information when you’re heading home to ensure you meet the restrictions for re-entry. 

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Ready to book your trips? Make sure to visit each of the country pages provided above. Airheart now provides visa information and the option to purchase online visas for many countries. If visa options are available, you can easily purchase your visas without leaving our website. 


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