We ❤️ Creators

Our platform is meticulously designed to empower creators, giving them not just a stage, but a supportive community that values authenticity, sustainability, and transformative experiences. By prioritizing the needs and voices of creators, Airheart strives to reshape the travel industry into a space where passion meets purpose.

In a world teeming with wonder, creators are the vanguards of meaningful and mindful exploration. With every step they take, they weave stories of adventure, combining the thrill of discovery with the wisdom of experience. As they carve out paths in uncharted territories, they don't just guide us through the world's wonders; they usher us into a journey of self-discovery, helping us find passions that resonate and experiences that rejuvenate.

Every tale spun by a creator is more than just a narrative; it's an invitation. An invitation to break free from the confines of daily grind, to rise above the cacophony of modern life's stressors. Through their eyes, we're reminded of the serenity of untouched nature, the vibrancy of bustling cities, and the symphony of diverse cultures intertwining. They guide us to not just see, but to immerse, to feel the pulse of places, ensuring that our travels transcend mere sightseeing and morph into soulful sojourns.

Yet, the paths they illuminate are tread with care and consciousness. For creators are not just explorers, but guardians of our planet's fragility. In showcasing the majesty of nature and the intricacies of cultures, they simultaneously emphasize the importance of sustainable travel. Their journeys highlight the balance between marveling at the world's beauty and preserving it for generations to come. By championing eco-friendly practices, they inspire travelers to embark on adventures that celebrate the world without compromising it.

As we follow these trailblazers, we're not just navigating global terrains but our own inner landscapes. Travel, as creators show us, is more than movement from one place to another; it's a transformative experience, a salve for our spirits. It offers an escape, yes, but more than that, a reconnection: to the world, to others, and to our own untapped passions. In this dance of discovery and reflection, creators are our guides, ensuring every trip becomes a journey of the heart and soul.

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Airheart Launch Party, June 2024


At Airheart, our deeply ingrained values are more than just words; they are our guiding principles. We take them seriously, ensuring they influence every decision and action, underlining our commitment to both creators and travelers.

At Airheart, we believe in genuine experiences, authentic storytelling, and being true to our mission. Every journey should be as unique as the traveler, and our platform is here to facilitate that.
We aim to uplift both creators and travelers, giving them the tools, knowledge, and platform to craft their narratives, choose their paths, and empower their communities.
As the travel landscape changes, Airheart is committed to embracing new ideas, technologies, and approaches to enhance the travel experience.
We champion the rights and needs of our community. From promoting sustainable travel to ensuring creators are recognized and compensated fairly, advocacy is at our core.
In a world filled with fine print and hidden agendas, Airheart pledges clarity. We promise to be transparent in our dealings, keeping our community informed and engaged.
Sustainable Exploration
Understanding the environmental impact of travel, we're dedicated to promoting and supporting more sustainable modes of transportation and tourism. We believe in spreading the joys of travel beyond the usual, often overcrowded spots, bringing benefits to communities that genuinely wish for them.


Born amidst the tumultuous waves of pandemic travel, Airheart swiftly became the digital compass for millions. Melding the aspirations of today's travelers with the expertise of digital creators, we've embarked on a journey to redefine travel experiences. With strong industry partnerships and a pioneering spirit, we're shaping the future of globetrotting one step at a time.

Founded company

Airheart was founded on the vision of seamlessly connecting the aspirations of modern travelers with the expertise of digital creators.

Launched Travel Bans Explorer

Airheart introduced the Travel Bans Explorer, pioneering a simple solution for travelers navigating pandemic-era restrictions.

Raised 325k pre-seed

In a testament to our potential and vision, we successfully secured our pre-seed funding round.

Launching Airheart

The digital travel landscape is set to shift with Airheart's much-anticipated Q4 launch.


Lindsey Renken's journey is not just about traveling to over 30 countries and 200+ destinations or her pursuits in entrepreneurship. It's also a story of tenacity, vision, and innovation. As a solo startup founder, she combined her vast expertise in software development and marketing with her firsthand experiences as a global wanderer over the past decade.

Every detail in her retired travel blog testifies to her deep connection with varied cultures and places. Lindsey's unique stance as a solo founder has sculpted Airheart's core principles. With an unwavering commitment to lean and transparent operations, she champions the power of automation and AI.

Her mission? To ensure creators are adequately compensated and that every traveler finds their journey enriched.

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At Airheart, we don't just seek investors; we cultivate partnerships. Our select group of backers resonates deeply with our mission and values. Together, we're not just fueling a company; we're nurturing a shared dream. Their trust and alignment empower us to redefine travel and creator interactions for the better.

  • Josh Kaladermis

    Co-Founder of TravisCI

    New Zealand

  • Ben Lamm

    Co-Founder of Colossal Biosciences

    United States

  • Andrew Busey

    Co-Founder of Colossal Biosciences

    United States

  • John Servinis

    Co-Founder of HotDoc