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10 Days in Tulum

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Link to your Airheart storefront from your social accounts to sell your in-depth travel guides. Visitors get a teaser of your itineraries, but only those who purchase unlock the treasure trove of your full, detailed recommendations, ensuring their trips are unforgettable.


10 Days in Tulum

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Shape your journeys into comprehensive guides, enriching them with your personal insights and tips.


10 Days in Tulum

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Share your guides with your eager audience, who are searching for a way to create detailed itineraries based on your recommendations.


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Observe as each purchase leads to a customized journey, with your guide at the heart of travelers' experiences.

Unlock the True Earning Potential of Your Travel Content

With Airheart's intuitive and tailored tools, sharing and monetizing your journey is a seamless, rewarding endeavor.

  • Designated Marketplace for Travel

    Designated Marketplace for Travel

    Dive into a platform designed exclusively for travel itineraries, ensuring your content isn't overshadowed by unrelated listings.

  • Tailor-Made For Travel Creators

    Tailor-Made For Travel Creators

    Use our specialized tools, crafted for the nuances of itinerary creation, enriching your content presentation.

  • Upload Your Content Once, Not Once a Week

    Upload Your Content Once, Not Once a Week

    Design once and let your digital itineraries consistently contribute to your income, without the need for continuous updates.

  • Profit from Your Network

    Profit from Your Network

    Convert trust and engagement into revenue, making each recommendation and share directly boost your financial success.

  • Create Listings in Minutes

    Create Listings in Minutes

    Breathe new life into existing content. Convert your content into curated itineraries with our intuitive AI (Coming Soon).

  • SEO Done For You

    SEO Done For You

    With optimized practices, Airheart ensures your itineraries rank higher, making it easier for travelers to find you.

  • Generous Profit Model

    Generous Profit Model

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor with a significant profit margin, aligning with your hard work and creativity.

  • Earn Extra With Affiliate Links

    Earn Extra With Affiliate Links

    Integrate your affiliate links to earn additional commissions on related bookings.

Join a Community Where Every Journey Matters

Unite with Airheart's vibrant creator network. Together, we craft, share, and profit.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us

    • What is Airheart?

      Airheart is a designated platform that empowers travel creators to monetize their expertise by offering digital itineraries for purchase, acting as a bridge between modern travelers and trusted travel guidance.

    • How do I sign up as a creator?

      It's simple! Click on the "Sign In" or "Create Your First Guide" button on this page, follow the prompts, and join our community of travel creators.

    • Can anyone sell travel itineraries on Airheart?

      Yes, if you have a passion for travel and unique insights to offer, you can become a creator on Airheart. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive platform.

    • How do I price my itineraries?

      You have complete control over your pricing, but it has to be over $29 USD. We recommend researching similar itineraries to ensure competitive pricing, but the final decision rests with you.

    • What makes Airheart different from other travel platforms?

      Airheart is uniquely tailored for the travel content creator market, providing specialized tools for itinerary creation and a community-driven focus, all while ensuring creators enjoy generous profits.

    • How does Airheart handle SEO?

      We've optimized our platform to ensure your itineraries rank higher on search engines and our marketplace, driving organic traffic to your content and making it easier for travelers to find you.

    • Can I include affiliate links in my itinerary?

      Absolutely! Integrate your affiliate links to earn additional commissions on related bookings.

    • How do payments work on Airheart?

      Creators receive a significant 80% of the profits from their sold itineraries. Payments are processed securely and are disbursed on a daily basis.

    • What tools does Airheart offer for itinerary creation?

      Airheart provides specialized tools tailored for travel itinerary creation, including intuitive AI that helps convert existing content like blogs and videos into comprehensive itineraries (coming soon).

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We believe in rewarding your creativity and hard work. That is why we have adopted a simple commission pricing model. For every sale you make, you take 80% of the comission, ensuring that the most always goes back into your pocket. It is your passion, your content, and your revenue. We are here to facilitate and celebrate your success.


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