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Airheart is for people who truly love to travel. Traveling is part of life, and we help travelers make the most of their trips.

The only tool designed specifically for planning itineraries collaboratively with groups. Save or book Airbnb, Google Flights, car rentals, and other plans. Airheart will keep track of your shared itineraries, even when plans change.

With these capabilities, you will build brilliant itineraries and travel smarter, the way you envision it.

Save Plan Options to Compare Them in One Place

You'll find plan options on many different websites: Airbnb,, Google Flights, etc. Save them using the Airheart browser extension and view them within your trip.

Compare your options, narrow them down, and see them next to other plans, so you can feel more comfortable making a booking decision.

Confirmation Emails are Parsed, Then Updated When Your Plans Change

Securely link your email inbox with Airheart. When reservation confirmation emails are sent to your inbox, Airheart will automatically pull out the relevant information and load it into your trip.

Most of our competitors struggle to pull data from your bookings reliably. They especially have trouble when reservation details change. At Airheart, we build tools you can rely on.

Data accuracy is a big part of providing you with peace of mind while organizing travel plans.

Plans are Shared Amongst Your Group Automatically

Don't worry about remembering to forward confirmation emails or share details in group chat, where they will undoubtably be lost.

Instead, your group will be kept up-to-date automatically when plans are created or altered, right as they happen. Group members will see their plans you booked in their own itinerary, and vise-versa. This way, you can easily refer back to them.

Visualize All Plans in a Combined Itinerary

When plan details are scattered within confirmation emails, it's difficult to understand how they fit together.

Airheart will pull important details out, add some additional information, and organize it for you into one itinerary. You and your group members can then understand how your trip flows at a glance, or expand plans to see them in detail.

With this kind of visibility, you'll never leave a hole in your itinerary again. You can also leave the spreadsheets behind.

Organize Group Travel Effectively, Like Never Before

It's difficult to get your group on the same page when organizing travel. It can be painful to the point where you might just welcome the chaos. Anything to avoid having to chase down friends to get their flight landing times.

With Airheart, we take care of this for you, so you can focus on enjoying the trip with your friends.

Plan Brilliant Itineraries Every Time

With a dedicated space for organizing trips, you and your group can see your plans come together more easily. With more organization, you can more easily make the most of your trips. Dream big and plan the epic itineraries your heart desires.

Be Prepared for Whatever Comes Your Way

A combined itinerary, added data on flights, lounges, and traffic reports, as well as real time updates, will help you stay on top of your trip. You'll be prepared with step-by-step reminders, and timely notifications if plans have changed on you unexpectedly.

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