Find the most recent COVID travel restrictions for popular routes. Click on a country to see the full details, including what is required to travel there right now.

Last updated:

  1. Nigeria flagNigeria from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  2. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  3. Lebanon flagLebanon from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  4. Japan flagJapan from CyprusRESTRICTED
  5. Norway flagNorway from CanadaRESTRICTED
  6. Italy flagItaly from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  7. India flagIndia from AlbaniaRESTRICTED
  8. Turkey flagTurkey from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  9. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from CyprusRESTRICTED
  10. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  11. Philippines flagPhilippines from the United StatesRESTRICTED
  12. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from IsraelPARTIALLY OPEN
  13. Cyprus flagCyprus from NigeriaRESTRICTED
  14. Nepal flagNepal from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  15. Singapore flagSingapore from the MaldivesRESTRICTED
  16. Romania flagRomania from IranPARTIALLY OPEN
  17. Germany flagGermany from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  18. Portugal flagPortugal from IrelandPARTIALLY OPEN
  19. Ireland flagIreland from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  20. Portugal flagPortugal from BahrainRESTRICTED
  21. Sweden flagSweden from TurkeyRESTRICTED
  22. Spain flagSpain from MoroccoPARTIALLY OPEN
  23. Italy flagItaly from LebanonPARTIALLY OPEN
  24. Spain flagSpain from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  25. Kenya flagKenya from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  26. Greece flagGreece from EgyptRESTRICTED
  27. Spain flagSpain from the MaldivesPARTIALLY OPEN
  28. Hungary flagHungary from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  29. Portugal flagPortugal from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  30. Spain flagSpain from KuwaitPARTIALLY OPEN
  31. Denmark flagDenmark from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  32. Ireland flagIreland from PakistanPARTIALLY OPEN
  33. Morocco flagMorocco from CanadaPARTIALLY OPEN
  34. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from EgyptRESTRICTED
  35. Malta flagMalta from GreecePARTIALLY OPEN
  36. Croatia flagCroatia from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  37. Cyprus flagCyprus from South AfricaRESTRICTED
  38. Italy flagItaly from EgyptRESTRICTED
  39. Greece flagGreece from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  40. Zimbabwe flagZimbabwe from KenyaPARTIALLY OPEN
  41. Qatar flagQatar from South AfricaPARTIALLY OPEN
  42. Spain flagSpain from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  43. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  44. Azerbaijan flagAzerbaijan from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  45. France flagFrance from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  46. Turkey flagTurkey from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  47. Netherlands flagNetherlands from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  48. Portugal flagPortugal from MoroccoRESTRICTED
  49. Portugal flagPortugal from SwitzerlandPARTIALLY OPEN
  50. Canada flagCanada from Sri LankaPARTIALLY OPEN
  51. Tanzania flagTanzania from the United StatesAllowed
  52. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  53. Greece flagGreece from the MaldivesRESTRICTED
  54. Portugal flagPortugal from LebanonRESTRICTED
  55. Malta flagMalta from TurkeyPARTIALLY OPEN
  56. Ireland flagIreland from CroatiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  57. United States flagUnited States from BrazilRESTRICTED
  58. Croatia flagCroatia from PakistanPARTIALLY OPEN
  59. United States flagUnited States from the MaldivesPARTIALLY OPEN
  60. Hungary flagHungary from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  61. Germany flagGermany from the United StatesPARTIALLY OPEN
  62. France flagFrance from MauritiusPARTIALLY OPEN
  63. Greece flagGreece from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  64. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  65. Lebanon flagLebanon from CubaPARTIALLY OPEN
  66. Jamaica flagJamaica from IndiaRESTRICTED
  67. Ireland flagIreland from DenmarkPARTIALLY OPEN
  68. Italy flagItaly from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  69. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from KuwaitPARTIALLY OPEN
  70. Portugal flagPortugal from NepalRESTRICTED
  71. Italy flagItaly from BahrainRESTRICTED
  72. Morocco flagMorocco from PortugalPARTIALLY OPEN
  73. Albania flagAlbania from TurkeyPARTIALLY OPEN
  74. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from OmanRESTRICTED
  75. Portugal flagPortugal from KenyaRESTRICTED
  76. Iceland flagIceland from TurkeyPARTIALLY OPEN
  77. Germany flagGermany from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  78. Malta flagMalta from UkrainePARTIALLY OPEN
  79. Malta flagMalta from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  80. Croatia flagCroatia from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  81. United States flagUnited States from BarbadosPARTIALLY OPEN
  82. United Kingdom flagUnited Kingdom from SwedenPARTIALLY OPEN
  83. Italy flagItaly from KuwaitRESTRICTED
  84. Greece flagGreece from MoldovaPARTIALLY OPEN
  85. Malta flagMalta from IrelandPARTIALLY OPEN
  86. Spain flagSpain from EgyptPARTIALLY OPEN
  87. Cyprus flagCyprus from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  88. Mauritius flagMauritius from IndiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  89. Spain flagSpain from IcelandPARTIALLY OPEN
  90. Argentina flagArgentina from the United StatesRESTRICTED
  91. Portugal flagPortugal from GhanaRESTRICTED
  92. Norway flagNorway from LebanonRESTRICTED
  93. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from South AfricaPARTIALLY OPEN
  94. Qatar flagQatar from KenyaPARTIALLY OPEN
  95. Thailand flagThailand from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  96. United Arab Emirates flagUnited Arab Emirates from TurkeyPARTIALLY OPEN
  97. Denmark flagDenmark from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  98. Italy flagItaly from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  99. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from SudanPARTIALLY OPEN
  100. Malta flagMalta from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  101. Italy flagItaly from PortugalPARTIALLY OPEN
  102. Serbia flagSerbia from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  103. Guyana flagGuyana from MicronesiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  104. India flagIndia from Costa RicaRESTRICTED
  105. Malta flagMalta from South AfricaRESTRICTED
  106. Slovenia flagSlovenia from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  107. Greece flagGreece from the BahamasRESTRICTED
  108. Malta flagMalta from BulgariaPARTIALLY OPEN
  109. Georgia flagGeorgia from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  110. Spain flagSpain from OmanPARTIALLY OPEN
  111. Denmark flagDenmark from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  112. Cyprus flagCyprus from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  113. Cyprus flagCyprus from PakistanRESTRICTED
  114. Portugal flagPortugal from South AfricaRESTRICTED
  115. Maldives flagMaldives from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  116. Spain flagSpain from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  117. Norway flagNorway from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  118. Italy flagItaly from JordanPARTIALLY OPEN
  119. France flagFrance from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  120. Italy flagItaly from TurkeyRESTRICTED
  121. Spain flagSpain from NepalPARTIALLY OPEN
  122. Poland flagPoland from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  123. United Arab Emirates flagUnited Arab Emirates from GeorgiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  124. Qatar flagQatar from BangladeshPARTIALLY OPEN
  125. Italy flagItaly from MauritiusRESTRICTED
  126. Cyprus flagCyprus from FrancePARTIALLY OPEN
  127. Malta flagMalta from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  128. Mauritius flagMauritius from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  129. Netherlands flagNetherlands from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  130. Greece flagGreece from MoroccoRESTRICTED
  131. Germany flagGermany from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  132. Germany flagGermany from EthiopiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  133. Hungary flagHungary from PortugalPARTIALLY OPEN
  134. Ireland flagIreland from BulgariaPARTIALLY OPEN
  135. Mexico flagMexico from South AfricaAllowed
  136. Malaysia flagMalaysia from CanadaRESTRICTED
  137. Serbia flagSerbia from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  138. Kenya flagKenya from BelgiumPARTIALLY OPEN
  139. Greece flagGreece from BahrainRESTRICTED
  140. Ireland flagIreland from RomaniaPARTIALLY OPEN
  141. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  142. Nepal flagNepal from NigeriaPARTIALLY OPEN
  143. Malta flagMalta from IsraelPARTIALLY OPEN
  144. Trinidad & Tobago flagTrinidad & Tobago from GuyanaPARTIALLY OPEN
  145. Ireland flagIreland from MoroccoPARTIALLY OPEN
  146. Serbia flagSerbia from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  147. Portugal flagPortugal from the MaldivesRESTRICTED
  148. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from KenyaPARTIALLY OPEN
  149. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  150. Canada flagCanada from the MaldivesPARTIALLY OPEN
  151. Italy flagItaly from the MaldivesRESTRICTED
  152. Spain flagSpain from BangladeshPARTIALLY OPEN
  153. Iceland flagIceland from BrazilPARTIALLY OPEN
  154. Croatia flagCroatia from EgyptPARTIALLY OPEN
  155. Hungary flagHungary from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  156. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from MexicoPARTIALLY OPEN
  157. Spain flagSpain from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  158. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  159. Jordan flagJordan from the MaldivesPARTIALLY OPEN
  160. Cyprus flagCyprus from NepalRESTRICTED
  161. Croatia flagCroatia from SwitzerlandPARTIALLY OPEN
  162. Italy flagItaly from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  163. North Macedonia flagNorth Macedonia from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  164. France flagFrance from EgyptPARTIALLY OPEN
  165. Mauritius flagMauritius from KenyaPARTIALLY OPEN
  166. Ukraine flagUkraine from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  167. Italy flagItaly from NigeriaRESTRICTED
  168. Croatia flagCroatia from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  169. Romania flagRomania from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  170. Germany flagGermany from GhanaPARTIALLY OPEN
  171. Slovenia flagSlovenia from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  172. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  173. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  174. Greece flagGreece from OmanRESTRICTED
  175. Iran flagIran from NigerPARTIALLY OPEN
  176. Italy flagItaly from IcelandPARTIALLY OPEN
  177. Germany flagGermany from KuwaitPARTIALLY OPEN
  178. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  179. Morocco flagMorocco from MalawiPARTIALLY OPEN
  180. Singapore flagSingapore from RussiaRESTRICTED
  181. Italy flagItaly from the PhilippinesRESTRICTED
  182. Thailand flagThailand from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  183. Portugal flagPortugal from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  184. Georgia flagGeorgia from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  185. Ecuador flagEcuador from MexicoPARTIALLY OPEN
  186. Azerbaijan flagAzerbaijan from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  187. Israel flagIsrael from NetherlandsRESTRICTED
  188. Georgia flagGeorgia from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  189. Canada flagCanada from ColombiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  190. Denmark flagDenmark from IcelandPARTIALLY OPEN
  191. Netherlands flagNetherlands from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  192. South Korea flagSouth Korea from NetherlandsRESTRICTED
  193. France flagFrance from NamibiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  194. Fiji flagFiji from CanadaRESTRICTED
  195. Maldives flagMaldives from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  196. Bahamas flagBahamas from KenyaPARTIALLY OPEN
  197. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from GeorgiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  198. Singapore flagSingapore from FranceRESTRICTED
  199. Nigeria flagNigeria from the MaldivesPARTIALLY OPEN
  200. Croatia flagCroatia from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  201. North Macedonia flagNorth Macedonia from TurkeyPARTIALLY OPEN
  202. Portugal flagPortugal from TunisiaRESTRICTED
  203. Denmark flagDenmark from BahrainRESTRICTED
  204. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  205. Turkey flagTurkey from AfghanistanPARTIALLY OPEN
  206. Lebanon flagLebanon from TurkeyPARTIALLY OPEN
  207. Azerbaijan flagAzerbaijan from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  208. Belgium flagBelgium from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  209. Portugal flagPortugal from PakistanRESTRICTED
  210. Seychelles flagSeychelles from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  211. Morocco flagMorocco from BangladeshPARTIALLY OPEN
  212. Netherlands flagNetherlands from ColombiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  213. Morocco flagMorocco from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  214. Portugal flagPortugal from Saudi ArabiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  215. Montenegro flagMontenegro from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  216. Malta flagMalta from MexicoRESTRICTED
  217. Turkey flagTurkey from EthiopiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  218. Denmark flagDenmark from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  219. Italy flagItaly from SingaporePARTIALLY OPEN
  220. Portugal flagPortugal from BangladeshRESTRICTED
  221. Croatia flagCroatia from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  222. Ghana flagGhana from KenyaPARTIALLY OPEN
  223. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from FrancePARTIALLY OPEN
  224. Romania flagRomania from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  225. Turkey flagTurkey from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  226. Romania flagRomania from CanadaPARTIALLY OPEN
  227. Rwanda flagRwanda from CanadaPARTIALLY OPEN
  228. Bosnia & Herzegovina flagBosnia & Herzegovina from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  229. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from OmanPARTIALLY OPEN
  230. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from BrazilPARTIALLY OPEN
  231. Portugal flagPortugal from EgyptRESTRICTED
  232. Congo - Kinshasa flagCongo - Kinshasa from the United KingdomPARTIALLY OPEN
  233. Germany flagGermany from NamibiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  234. Greece flagGreece from EthiopiaRESTRICTED
  235. Israel flagIsrael from FranceRESTRICTED
  236. Uganda flagUganda from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  237. Italy flagItaly from ZambiaRESTRICTED
  238. Portugal flagPortugal from UkrainePARTIALLY OPEN
  239. Portugal flagPortugal from TurkeyRESTRICTED
  240. Ireland flagIreland from LithuaniaPARTIALLY OPEN
  241. Norway flagNorway from QatarRESTRICTED
  242. Switzerland flagSwitzerland from GreecePARTIALLY OPEN
  243. Maldives flagMaldives from CanadaPARTIALLY OPEN
  244. United States flagUnited States from CroatiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  245. Spain flagSpain from ZimbabwePARTIALLY OPEN
  246. Turkey flagTurkey from PortugalPARTIALLY OPEN
  247. Italy flagItaly from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  248. Cyprus flagCyprus from MaltaPARTIALLY OPEN
  249. Poland flagPoland from IcelandPARTIALLY OPEN
  250. Portugal flagPortugal from NigeriaRESTRICTED
  251. Turkey flagTurkey from IndonesiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  252. Sweden flagSweden from PortugalPARTIALLY OPEN
  253. Bulgaria flagBulgaria from GreecePARTIALLY OPEN
  254. Belgium flagBelgium from Costa RicaPARTIALLY OPEN
  255. Greece flagGreece from NepalRESTRICTED
  256. Israel flagIsrael from ZimbabweRESTRICTED
  257. Malta flagMalta from DenmarkPARTIALLY OPEN
  258. Greece flagGreece from LebanonPARTIALLY OPEN
  259. Germany flagGermany from Sri LankaPARTIALLY OPEN
  260. Malaysia flagMalaysia from the MaldivesRESTRICTED
  261. Austria flagAustria from EgyptPARTIALLY OPEN
  262. Poland flagPoland from QatarRESTRICTED
  263. Turkey flagTurkey from CroatiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  264. Spain flagSpain from EthiopiaPARTIALLY OPEN
  265. Iran flagIran from SpainPARTIALLY OPEN
  266. Uruguay flagUruguay from GreeceRESTRICTED
  267. Nigeria flagNigeria from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  268. Brunei flagBrunei from IndiaRESTRICTED
  269. Bahrain flagBahrain from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  270. Croatia flagCroatia from PortugalPARTIALLY OPEN
  271. Brazil flagBrazil from GreecePARTIALLY OPEN
  272. Chile flagChile from CanadaRESTRICTED
  273. Ireland flagIreland from BahrainPARTIALLY OPEN
  274. Malta flagMalta from EgyptPARTIALLY OPEN
  275. Jamaica flagJamaica from ColombiaRESTRICTED
  276. South Korea flagSouth Korea from IndiaRESTRICTED
  277. Belgium flagBelgium from GreecePARTIALLY OPEN
  278. Austria flagAustria from PakistanPARTIALLY OPEN
  279. Armenia flagArmenia from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  280. Malta flagMalta from OmanRESTRICTED
  281. Sweden flagSweden from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  282. Turkey flagTurkey from AlbaniaPARTIALLY OPEN
  283. Pakistan flagPakistan from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  284. Sweden flagSweden from CyprusPARTIALLY OPEN
  285. Germany flagGermany from BangladeshPARTIALLY OPEN
  286. Qatar flagQatar from ArmeniaPARTIALLY OPEN
  287. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from SwedenPARTIALLY OPEN
  288. Spain flagSpain from SwitzerlandPARTIALLY OPEN
  289. India flagIndia from MauritiusRESTRICTED
  290. Saudi Arabia flagSaudi Arabia from UzbekistanPARTIALLY OPEN
  291. Italy flagItaly from Bosnia & HerzegovinaPARTIALLY OPEN
  292. Iceland flagIceland from AustriaPARTIALLY OPEN
  293. Pakistan flagPakistan from QatarPARTIALLY OPEN
  294. Malta flagMalta from SloveniaPARTIALLY OPEN
  295. Montenegro flagMontenegro from GreecePARTIALLY OPEN
  296. United Arab Emirates flagUnited Arab Emirates from ArmeniaPARTIALLY OPEN
  297. Malta flagMalta from PolandPARTIALLY OPEN
  298. Italy flagItaly from MontenegroPARTIALLY OPEN
  299. Turkey flagTurkey from NetherlandsPARTIALLY OPEN
  300. New Zealand flagNew Zealand from AustraliaRESTRICTED
  301. Australia flagAustralia from New ZealandRESTRICTED