Introducing Airheart Explorer

Lindsey Renken

Lindsey Renken

Co-founder / CEO

Ivan Vanderbyl

Ivan Vanderbyl

Co-founder / CPO

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As vaccines are rolled out around the world, unrestricted travel will soon be deemed safe once again. Many travelers have been in and out of lockdown for over a year, and looking to finally take that sorely needed vacation, see loved ones, and get back out into the world. Only, they’re running into problems navigating new restrictions and policies. At this point, they’re having to decipher not only where they can travel, but what’s required.

Given these challenges, at Airheart, we’ve made it our mission to help people travel again, safely. Starting with simplifying travel restrictions and policies, and COVID19 risk profiles for both international and domestic destinations.

Introducing Airheart Explorer.

Using this free tool, hopeful travelers can see which destinations are accessible based on their country of origin and filter out locations by a given criteria – whether it’s quarantine, a negative COVID19 test, or a mask requirement. See what life is like on-location at your destination before you travel – including if shops, restaurants and activities are open, and what the COVID19 risk levels are. Save routes and stay up to date when policies change.

Airheart’s data comes from trusted and official sources, then further enriched and organized into a searchable, scannable format to put travelers at ease when navigating this new normal.

This is just the beginning! Our long-term vision at Airheart is to make organizing travel enjoyable, the way you envision it. Airheart is a trip planning playground for people to plan solo or with a group. Deliberate on the plans you’re deciding on. Then, once booked, itineraries will be shared automatically, so everyone stays up to date. Reach peace of mind knowing that the tedious parts of organizing travel have been done for you.

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