Traveling to Greece from Turkey during the COVID Pandemic

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Traveling to Greece from Turkey during the COVID Pandemic

I took a solo trip to the Greek islands! I started in Mykonos, then moved on to Santorini, and finished in Milos.

How did you enter the country?
Any difficulties with your vaccination card when entering the destination?
Was your COVID test result accepted?
There was no COVID test requirement to enter Greece from Turkey.
Was this destination abnormally crowded or empty?
The Greek Islands were not empty nor too crowded. I traveled during the shoulder season, but even then, shops, restaurants, tours, etc. were still operating.
Did you have to show proof of vaccination on location? For example, when entering restaurants, shops, events, etc.?
I did not need to show proof of vaccination except in one hostel in Fira, Santorini. All other hotels and restaurants did not require it.
Were you required to wear a mask inside restaurants, event spaces, or public transportation? If you were able to choose, did you feel comfortable wearing or not wearing a mask?
Masks were required in indoor spaces, and I felt comfortable wearing my mask. Outdoors, very few people wore masks.
Did restaurants, businesses, and public services take COVID-related sanitary precautions that you noticed?
Yes, restaurants and hotels sanitized their spaces very well.
Were most attractions open? Were you able to visit the ones you wanted to attend?
I got to visit everything I wanted to visit.
Anything else you think fellow travelers should know?
Ferries did not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test at the time I traveled.
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