Traveling to Saudi Arabia during the COVID Pandemic

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Traveling to Saudi Arabia during the COVID Pandemic

Saudi Arabia has only recently opened to visitors, so my 11-year-old son and I took the opportunity to visit over Thanksgiving break. We spent most of our time in Riyadh with a quick excursion to AlUla.

How did you enter the country?
Any difficulties with your vaccination card when entering the destination?
Entering Saudi right now is pretty straight forward as long as you have everything organized in advance. Process your e-visa in advance, download your health certificate (saying you are vaccinated), download the app required by the government, and you are good to go.
Did your children need to be vaccinated before arriving? If so, which ages? Also, did they need to wear a mask?
Children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated. However, airlines do not always have this information, so it is best to come with all the information in advance printed out so they will see that you will be admitted. Masks are required indoors at all times (except when eating/drinking) in Saudi.
Was your COVID test result accepted?
Did the local government ask for travel or health insurance when you arrived?
Yes, as part of your e-visa you will be required to obtain health insurance.
If needed, were COVID tests easy to find and book at your destination?
Yes. They are available at the airport and very easy with quick results.
Was this destination abnormally crowded or empty?
Empty of tourists, but busy with locals.
Did you have to show proof of vaccination on location? For example, when entering restaurants, shops, events, etc.?
Yes, you had to present your downloaded app to enter every building, outdoor event, shopping center, etc.
Were you required to wear a mask inside restaurants, event spaces, or public transportation? If you were able to choose, did you feel comfortable wearing or not wearing a mask?
Yes. Masks were required indoors, but many did not wear them outdoors (pre-Omicron).
Were most attractions open? Were you able to visit the ones you wanted to attend?
Yes, everything was open.
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