Traveling to the Catskill Mountains during the COVID Pandemic

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Traveling to the Catskill Mountains during the COVID Pandemic

We were looking for a romantic winter, mountain getaway and found that in the heart of the Catskill Mountains by exploring Hunter Mountain, Big Indian, Phoenicia, and Woodstock while spending our evenings in a beautiful wilderness alpine lodge.

How did you enter the country?
Any difficulties with your vaccination card when entering the destination?
Outdoor activities don't require proof of vaccination, but the Urban Cowboy Lodge requires guests to be vaccinated for indoor facilities to ensure the safety of its guests.
If needed, were COVID tests easy to find and book at your destination?
It's easy to get a COVID test at various testing sites and, if you stop in New York City first, there are testing sites all over the city. There are also premium testing sites that you can pay extra to have PCR results within 30 minutes.
Did you have any difficulties with testing or receiving your results on time?
Was this destination abnormally crowded or empty?
The Catskills are a winter wonderland and have a plethora of outdoor activities that you can easily social distance. There are no crowds, the only place you may find a collection of people would be on the slopes or dining inside restaurants.
Did you have to show proof of vaccination on location? For example, when entering restaurants, shops, events, etc.?
In New York City, any indoor venue or dining will require you to show proof of your COVID vaccination along with a photo ID to match. Outside of the city, as of November 2021, you may find that individual indoor venues or restaurants request this as well, but it is not enforced or mandatory by the State of New York as of yet. Some individual businesses require it.
Were you required to wear a mask inside restaurants, event spaces, or public transportation? If you were able to choose, did you feel comfortable wearing or not wearing a mask?
Many indoor venues require mask wearing, especially if you start or end your trip in New York City. Many indoor shops and activities request all visitors to still wear masks inside.
Did the destination adapt physical distancing in day-to-day situations?
Most restaurants have extra space between guests.
Did restaurants, businesses, and public services take COVID-related sanitary precautions that you noticed?
Yes, New York state has been very cautious and takes public health and safety measures very seriously. Most places have signs that let you know they sanitize between each guest and many shops and indoor places still ask visitors to wear a mask.
Were most attractions open? Were you able to visit the ones you wanted to attend?
Yes! The beauty of the Catskill Mountains is that there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, so those will be available no matter what.
Were there any surprising or unexpected COVID policies on your trip?
The hotel didn't have its restaurant open during our visit, instead they offered room service and left your meal outside your door to limit human to human contact.
Anything you found to be noteworthy about your trip related to traveling with additional restrictions and policies?
If you're looking for a worry-free destination, heading to somewhere where you can physically be outside enjoying activities, driving in your own vehicle or rental, and naturally has space is as safe as it gets when it comes to traveling during a pandemic.
Anything else you think fellow travelers should know?
You will need to rent or have a car to explore this destination.
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