Traveling to Finland during the COVID Pandemic

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Traveling to Finland during the COVID Pandemic

I'm fresh off a trip from the Finnish Lapland! Traveling to Finland has been on my bucket list for so many years. From the snowy landscapes, to the wildlife and the winter activities, I was able to successfully plan this winter getaway.

How did you enter the country?
Any difficulties with your vaccination card when entering the destination?
Not at all! I'd say just ensure you keep up with your vaccination card at all times. You're asked for it several times from flight check-in all the way to hotel check-in.
Was your COVID test result accepted?
A COVID test was not required upon entering the country at the time that I traveled.
Did you experience any challenges with customs, immigration, or the health authorities related to COVID?
No issues at all. Just need to show your vaccination card when requested.
If needed, were COVID tests easy to find and book at your destination?
There are multiple COVID testing sites within the airports and around the city. I would recommend booking an appointment online to save your spot in line.
Did you have any difficulties with testing or receiving your results on time?
Test went as expected and my results were received on time.
Was this destination abnormally crowded or empty?
It was moderate! I wouldn't describe it as empty, but I also didn't find it to be too packed.
Did you have to show proof of vaccination on location? For example, when entering restaurants, shops, events, etc.?
Yes, when dining in. They recently passed a federal regulation requiring proof of vaccination when eating at restaurants.
Were you required to wear a mask inside restaurants, event spaces, or public transportation? If you were able to choose, did you feel comfortable wearing or not wearing a mask?
Masks were recommended in almost all places and not strictly enforced. It's certainly up to your discretion on whether or not to wear one.
Did restaurants, businesses, and public services take COVID-related sanitary precautions that you noticed?
Yes. A lot of the restaurants were really good at disinfecting tables between customers.
Were most attractions open? Were you able to visit the ones you wanted to attend?
All attractions were open!
Were there any surprising or unexpected COVID policies on your trip?
The dine-in regulation actually went live while on the trip! At that time, certain restaurants were only accepting the European Union's Digital COVID Certificate, which is only available to EU residents. Since we weren't able to get one and only had our physical CDC vaccination cards, a few restaurants turned us away. So be mindful when dining in!
Anything else you think fellow travelers should know?
I believe the rules about coming back into the United States have changed and you are now required to obtain a COVID test no more than 1 day before entering.
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